Innovation Workshop: Part 1

*Starting in 2015, we will be offering a completely revamped workshop program where you will find our popular Innovation Workshop presented in two information-packed sessions: Part 1 and Part 2. The workshops are free to attend, and open to all professionals of the tile industry.

This class will provide attendees with the fundamentals at Schluter Systems. Approximately 75% of the time is spent in the classroom, and 25% of the time is spent in the hands-on or live demo area.

  1. Introduction to Schluter Systems
  2. Floors
    • Uncoupling principle
    • DITRA
    • Profiles
  3. Workshop demo
  4. Hands-on
    • Shower System Installation
    • DITRA installation
  5. Walls and countertops
    • Profiles
  6. Showers
    • Moisture management
    • Shower systems
    • KERDI-LINE drain
    • Profiles
  7. Workshop demo
  8. Hands-on
    • Waterproofed KERDI-BOARD wall installation
    • Application-specific profiles
  9. Schluter resources

Part 1 will introduce you to the world of Schluter®-Systems, and give you a solid overview of the applications where our products are most often used. We’ll talk a little bit about the history of our company, dive deeper into the science behind our technologies, explain how our product line has been designed to address specific challenges, and ultimately, guide you as you work with our products in a collaborative, hands-on workshop.

Learn how to prevent tiles from cracking using Schluter®-DITRA, provide effective moisture management using Schluter®-KERDI, and more while assembling a Schluter®-Shower System!

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