Innovation Workshop: Part 2

*Starting in 2015, we will be offering a completely revamped workshop program where you will find our popular Innovation Workshop presented in two information-packed sessions: Part 1 and Part 2. The workshops are free to attend, and open to all professionals of the tile industry.

Before you register for Part 2, make sure to attend Part 1.

You'll learn about:

  • Uncoupling principle with DITRA and DITRA-XL
  • The four functions of DITRA
  • General functions of profiles
  • How the integrated bonding flange is supported
  • The minimum overlap requirements when using KERDI
  • Suitable and unsuitable backings for KERDI
  • And so much more!

This class is for attendees who have completed Part 1 of the Innovation Workshop and have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Part 2 covers more advanced applications, with 35% of the time in the classroom and 65% of the time in the hands-on or live demo area.

  1. Floors
    • Review of the uncoupling principle
    • Service requirements
    • Substrate suitability
    • Sound control
  2. Showers
    • Review of the principles of moisture management
    • Environmental classification
    • Substrate suitability
    • Glass tile limitations
    • Steam rooms
    • Universal design
  3. Exterior Applications
    • Checklist to evaluate feasibility
    • Helpful documentation
    • Solutions
  4. Sales Resources Presentation
  5. Workshop demos & Hands-on
      There are 4 different bathroom modules which
      incorporate multiple Schluter products, including:
    • KERDI-LINE drain
    • KERDI-BOARD stud mounted wall, waterproofed
    • KERDI-BOARD niche
    • KERDI membrane
    • DITRA-XL
    • Select profiles

To participate in Innovation Workshop – Part 2, you must have completed Part 1 of the series.

In Part 2, you are invited to build upon your fundamental knowledge of Schluter®-Systems products, and discover how they can be used in more advanced applications. In this predominantly hands-on, two-day workshop, you get to show us your resourcefulness while exploring the versatility of our products. You will spend most of your time in the workshop, where you will build a bathroom using multiple applications and design elements.

Build a custom vanity and tub surround using Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD, install a Schluter®-KERDI-LINE drain in a barrier-free shower, accent a KERDI-BOARD niche using select profiles, and more. Each workstation will inspire collaboration and creativity as they will be fitted with various building components, so that no two projects will be the same.

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